SchoolsEstela Romero

"Vicente Guerrero", Indigenous Elementary.

SchoolsEstela Romero
"Vicente Guerrero", Indigenous Elementary.


As soon as children were systematically doing a late and others, very late arrival to school, due to the “Three Kings Day” yesterday when they spent the whole day playing with their toys and games, the moment they saw the Symbolic Migration brave, white bug “Rocinante”, they jumped in hurra’s shouting: “Look, our paper Monarchs and coming from ourfriends in the United States and Canada have arrived, come on, hurry up!.

As soon as I told them about generalities on our topic on pollinators and asked them all to come out to their yard and and do some observations to spot some of them, they jumped in hurra’s and were really excited to be outside making questions and showing their knowledge: “here the “Borreguilla” flowers, some tiny other species of violet, yellow and pink ones that some bugs like”, —many said as they wondered about their names and confirmed them with their mothers later. Perhaps the morning was not warm and sunny enough, so only a couple of pollinators in the are could be seen at that time of the morning. Once in the classroom, we completed our learning on pollinators. There, it was amazing for many of them to learn that Moths are butterflies and not a variety of the bats’ family!. “Oh, teacher Estelita, we thought they were brothers to bats!”. Even Moms bringing in their children this morning, were interested in attending the visit today, and were highly interested in learning about pollinators,specially to hear that hummingbirs and bees are so much important! “We did not know that bats were pollinators too!”. We did not know they liked cactus, in this case our abundant Nopales and Magueyes!. We all together reflected on the treasure we in México have in our markets at being able to have so many fruits and vegetalbles and else products thanks to pollinators!. Then the time for children to write their letters to their counterparts in the North came, and they proudly showed how knowledgeable they were at the topic on pollinators after our long talks and reflections already!. They then received their Ambassador Monarchs telling each other from which state or city in USA or Canada they had receive their Monarch all of them flying the distances that real Monarchs fly to reach their forests only some cents of meters from them!.


***Ambassador Monarch No. 565 from Byrd Elementary, missed in the previous school, has been delivered in this school; first in list here.

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