SchoolsEstela Romero

"Emiliano Zapata", Elementary

SchoolsEstela Romero
"Emiliano Zapata", Elementary


On November 21st., the Symbolic Migration arrived to the “Emiliano Zapata” elementary school, which is located at the back-buffer forests to Sanctuary Sierra Chincua, in the “Sabaneta-Quintana” community and where, many decades ago, grandparents living in this area say nowadays that Monarchs used to overwintered here wrapping the beautiful forests of this area called “Sabaneta-Quintana”. Nowadays Monarchs overwinter a few kilometers from here at a higher elevation and more inside forest area.

The Ambassador Monarchs numbers delivered to students in this community are 236-280.

At saying hello and coming into their classroom getting ready to start the presentation, may children asked: “Estelita, why are your visits every year speaking so much about Monarchs?”, to which I responded: “Because Monarchs do not only come to wait for the winter to pass so that they can mate and go back to the North in USA and Canada, but because of they, with other animals and plants, do a highly important task for us; you will see now”!.

As soon our topic this year on Pollination was approached, some children started to describe the way how “some insects drink nectar from flowers and spread the polen all around for more flowers to grow everywhere”; not all children know or not all easily remember the name of the most important polinators, and others, do not recognize easily the names of our local wild flowers that polinators love.

So the lesson of the day resulted highly exciting, teaching and constructive!. “Oh, it has been such fun going over the names of some of our wild local flowers!, we nearly forgot a few names my parents/grandparents mention every time!”; “We have 2-3 honey-boxes at home; we will tell mom and dad to increase our population of bees at home”! —could hear them here and there telling to each other—.

And so our lesson went from surprise to surprise until the end teaching us how much we depend on polinators and how much Monarchs can do for us while they are overwintering in our Oyamel forests!.


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